Get the OEE Capability You Need

 Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) has rapidly become a key metric for industrial companies looking to increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance profitability and ROI. You can get instant access to a simple, affordable OEE at this interesting and important webinar – two sessions available.

What: Pro.Lean: Production Efficiency in a Few Clicks

When: Wednesday, 7 September, 2022

Time: 9:00am (UTC +2.00) and 4:00pm (UTC +2.00)

Presented by: Jean Marc Willems

Pro.Lean is the software solution of lean manufacturing, plant digitalization, and intelligence, capable of acquiring production data in real-time, interconnecting plants with ERP management, providing KPI and OEE performance data, calculating machine downtime, tracking and scheduling production.

It's a "Plug-In" functional module of the popular Emerson Movicon.NExTTM platform, which uses connectivity and data logging technology. It automatically installs a calculation database that is specifically designed to perform calculations on collected data to certain important productivity indexes.

In this action-packed hour-and-a-half presentation, you will learn everything you need to make an effective OEE decision. Register today.