Future of Mining – On-Demand Webinar

 Mining operators are striving to keep pace with mounting pressures around sustainability and efficiency, while maintaining profitability amid shifting resource supplies, varying material quality, labor shortages and regulatory demands. To overcome these challenges, mining operators need to minimize downtime and maximize production by gaining real-time insights generated by disparate mine assets.

That’s where edge technology comes in.

Watch this on-demand webinar by Global Mining Review and Emerson – “Unlocking a New Era of Mining with Edge”

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Attendees will learn how:

  • Edge technologies can help mining operators make real improvements quickly and cost effectively, optimizing operations at the field device, machine level and process level
  • Implementing easy-to-use edge architecture technologies can help rapidly solve problems, such as energy reduction, emission control, machine downtime, high availability and more
  • Edge can help operators take important steps toward IIoT and digital transformation
  • Edge control solutions offer an integrated and intuitive single toolchain development platform that boosts productivity and allows plants to accomplish more with a constrained workforce

This webinar will explore how implementing edge control solutions can enable mining companies to improve control and increase productivity and efficiency. Don’t miss it!

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