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Adding audio in alarm management system

Dear sir, 

We are using ovation version 6.0. We want to add audio in alarm system particularly LVS alarm system. Kindly guide . Also we don't have any type of manual for version 6.0.


Shah Prakash

  • Dear Mr. P. Chandra,

    The latest version of Ovation released in 3.7.0. Ovation 6.0 doesn't exist.

    Audio Alarms can be added by importing .wav format files through Ovation Developers Studio. (under Ovation>Configuration>Audio>Audio files). Remember the file format should be .wav and in alarm audio definition, the audio name should be in small letters.

    For further details, please refer Ovation Developer Studio Manual (you should find a CD named Smartdocs in your software CD pack which contains all manuals).

  • In reply to Siddhanta.Gupta:

    Dear Siddhnta,
    Thanks for solution suggested. Will try to implement the same. We were trying with audio file name in capital letter with extension . wav in small letters. The ovation version is 3.6.0 and upgraded midway during commissioning phase so don't have manuals for 3.6.0
    Shah Prakash
  • In reply to shah_pchandra:

    Ovation customers can access all of the Ovation user manuals, and other support tools, by registering on the Ovation users group website: