Exporting control sheets to PDF

Hello - can anyone provide some advice on how to export all the current control sheets to a single PDF file? I'm using Ovation 3.5.1. Thanks in advance.

  • Matt:
    You can find this function instruction from manual OW35x_80.pdf
    To use the Publish operation
    1. Access the Control Builder (see page 27).
    2. From the main Control Builder window, pull down the Tools menu and select Operations.
    Pull right to display another menu listing all the Control Builder operations.
    3. Select Publish Operation.
    4. A Browse for folder window appears. Select the folder that contains the sheets to use for your
    operation and then click the Ok button. By default, the ControlFunctions directory will be
    highlighted. To look for sheets in a different directory, use the Browse icon beside the Layout
    drop-down menu.
    5. The Choose files window appears (see page 245). Select the desired sheet(s) to be
    6. Select the Next button. The Configure Operation window appears.
    7. Select a layout for the PDF file. The choices are Drop Layout (sheet will be organized by drop
    and control task) or Component Layout (sheets will be organized by component code
    hierarchy (see page 69)).
    8. In the Destination section, select how you want to output the sheets:
     Output to file -- merges the files into one PDF document.
     Output to directory -- generates the file into separate PDF documents.
     Use original filenames -- use the original filename for the .pdf documents.
     Auto-generated -- the Control Builder assigns names to the .pdf documents.
    9. Select the Next button. A Confirmation window appears.
    10. Verify that the information in the Confirmation window is correct. To change any information,
    use the Back button to return to a previous window and make any desired changes. To quit
    the window without publishing, click the Cancel button.
    11. When you are ready to publish, select the Run button in the Confirmation window.
    12. A window appears showing the Publish process running. When complete, another window
    displays showing the status of the publish. On the Completed window, a green check mark
    indicates that the sheet published. A red X means that an error exists and the sheets did not
    13. If errors are found, go to the "X" and expand the tree by clicking on the + symbol. This
    displays the errors that were found. Double-clicking on a sheet in the list displays the sheet in
    the Control Builder.