How to communicate Emerson DCS Ovation 3.6.0 with Schneider HMI Series HMIGTO5310 over modbus protocol..??..

I have Schneider HMIGTO5310 series..I want to communicate it with Emerson DCS Ovation 3.6.0..Customer has gave me addresses of DCS  in d0030 for discrete i/o tags and 0060 for analog inputs.

First question:

are (d0030,i0060) tags modbus type address???

Second question:

If yes,then how i can communicate it with HMI GTO5310??

Third question:

If these tags are not modbus addresses,then on which protocol they will communicate...??

I found driver with name ROC Plus SIO and ROC Plus TCPIP in my HMI driver list..Which both have further equipment like DL8000,FB103,ROC300 and lot more..But i am not able to understand,if these are correct driver then how i can use it.??

Please suggest..Its urgent..I am facing this issue since 1 week and could not find any solution till yet.



  • Hi Sidra - I do not know that I have the perfect answer to all of your questions in this post, but I talked to one of our engineers and this is what he shared with me:

    "The HMIGTO5310 has downloadable protocols, so they should be able to download a Modbus TCP driver and map the current I/O to Modbus addresses. I don’t know if they will need to have the supplier/OEM re-program the device and supply new addresses, or if this is something they can do on their own."

    I hope this is helpful.