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Drop Loading Problem

We are powering up our Ovation DCS system and got this problem that one of our controller is not responding.

During first time power up of Drop-2, one of the controller didn't light up, so we changed both the processor and IOIC module. After this the controller got powered up but pinging both the controller wasn't successful. The controller we recently replaced was not responding. So we changed the location of the controllers but still the same. We have replaced the controller and after that same response, this time we formatted the flash and installed again but no ping response. So we installed the Flash from the old controller into this controller and are successful to ping the controller.

This time we got the problem with Clear command. Before we load the controller, we just selected the "clear" procedure and wasn't successful, instead we received this alarm;

"Drop52" is unavailable and cannot be cleared

In order to load directly we got following alarms, 

<OvSysPtUserObjectcpp:16256> [External]: (Clear terminated by the system for "DROP52")

<OvSysPtUserObjectcpp:16250> [External]: ("DROP52" is Unavailable)

<OvSysPtUserObjectcpp:4739> [External]: (Unable to determine drop mode for "DROP52")


can anyone can help me in this regard.

Thank you,

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