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How to increase the number of retries for HART?

Is it possible increase the number of retries for HART communication in Ovation?

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  • Hi Stefan - would you be able to provide some more details into your situation? Is this wireless HART or is this from the I/O cards? What underlying issue makes you want to increase the number of retries?
  • In reply to Greg Schirm:

    It is wired HART, on an OVATION AI (Hart)Card, E type card:5X00106G02 ;P type card:5X00109G01A

    I have a device which does not always replay to the HART telegrams, and I need the master to retransmit 5 or 6 times to get reliable communication.

    At the moment it is not an option to replace the device.
  • In reply to Stefan Greisen:

    Thanks Stefan. I am curious about a few more things. Hopefully you are able to answer these:
    What is the device type and name?
    What is the firmware in the device?
    And do you know the firmware on the HART AI card?
  • In reply to Greg Schirm:

    In some of the other HART masters I have used, the number of retries is just a simple setting. Is that also the case for Ovation?

    The problem is related to the device, that is confirmed by using other HART masters and HART modems.

    I just need to know if the issue can be resolved by changing a setting in Ovation.
  • In reply to Stefan Greisen:

    Researching this further for you, unfortunately, it appears you cannot change the number of retries within an Ovation setting right now.