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Ovation OCR400, scan time issues

I am facing a issue with OCR400 controller.

i am using Run Time algorithm in Drop1, for calculating some cycle time. I observed that, the minutes value of run time, is completing one minute in around 61 sec(So, the cycle time of 140 min has increased to around 142 mins). This cycle time is not constant now, unlike it used to be earlier. This has started recently. Earlier there was no such issue. Actually, all the accumulating algorithms like Run Time, Reset Sum has started functioning slower than it used to. In case of reset sum, I was integrating one analog value over a period of time. I also used report manager for the same integration. The output from both reset sum algorithm and Report manager were equal earlier. But, now, i have observed that the reset sum output lags behind the result that i get from Report Manager.  I have not rebooted the controller from a while now. There were no Drop Alarms. 

I have used system time algorithm also, and that is also lagging behind the actual UTC time by 5 secs. When i use the same algorithm (reset sum, run time, system time etc.) in some other controller(Drop 2). the results are okay. I could nt find anything on the error log. We have been making regular changes in the logic, and Drop Load is also successful (without any alarms and failures).

Has anybody faced such issues?

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