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AE server configuration

Dear Experts

I am participating a project to integrate AE server information of DelatV into Air Liquide South East Asia Cluster Alarm and Event Management System.

To sort out alarms in DeltaV, I identified that more informations are required in AE server of DeltaV. 

For example to distinguish alarm status whether it was activated or recovered, and if the alarm was acknowledged or unacknowledged,  I need to know State information.

Also parameter information would be good for me to distinguish if the alarm/event was on SP change, mode change or etc.

So basically, Is there any procedure explaining how to change AE configuration to collect more parameters from DeltaV?


Junggyu Yu (Remy)

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  • What you see in PHV should be available in A&E client if designed to do so. For example, OPC Foundation A&E client shows all the information that I would expect.

    If I remember correctly Matrikon does show all the info as an example. Which client are you using?