VIM2 Communication Issues

Hi All,

I am having an communicating with a VIM2. I connected an S-Series VIM2 card to a new system. The VIM2 card was previously decommissioned. But on the new system, in VIMNet explorer there was a VIM2 placeholder which was commissioned. I can't see the VIM in decommissioned VIMs, and if I decommission the commissioned placeholder it appears to do nothing. When I ping it in diagnostics, the commissioned VIM appears to respond sporadically. If I flash the lights, then I physically see the lights flash, but in VIMNet explorer it says it cannot communicate with the card so therefore could not flash the lights. Similarly if I reboot the "Commissioned" VIM from VIMNet explorer, it does reboot.

Is there a way to hard reset a VIM2 card back to its decommissioned state? Or alternatively to somehow view all VIMs on the system?