OPC Mirror takes hours to finish initialization after OPC Server restart


OPC Mirror takes about 6 hours to finish initialization after OPC Server is restarted in the plant.

One of the packages which is connected to this OPC server is currently out of service so not communicating with this OPC server  so the data coming from only one of the 19 pipes is not healthy.

Auto enable is disabled for all the pipes for this server and this is a simplex OPC server, DeltaV Version is 11.3.1.

Is it normal for the OPC mirror to take this much time to initialize and establish the communication after restart of the server if one of the pipes has bad data coming.

If yes, is there a way out to reduce this initialization time and establish the communication quickly after the server re start.

Will appreciate Any insight and help on this if someone had this same issue?


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  • If anyone ever experienced such a scenario or have any kind experience on this and can share, Would really be thankful.
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    I suppose you 'are on a FPSO I koniw very well and you have a failure on OPC mirror which is managing package
    You'are at the limit of number of OPC...
    As pipe are not auto start, the reason is to allow the restart one by one, so restart OPC server, then start Pipe one by one except the pipe corresponding to the stoped package
  • In reply to LaurentB:

    Hello Laurent, For all the pipes in this server, Auto start is disabled but the OPCMirror is still taking a lot of time to initialize after the restart of servers.
  • Try enabling the pipes with working OPC connection first.

    In my observation OPC Mirror establishes pipe communication one at a time so when there is an issue on one of the pipes then OPC Mirror stays in this pipe before it goes to another pipe.