COMM-D / PowerFlex 70 VS 753 Device Net Programing Problem

I am having an issue adding one of our VFD's to device net. For our powerflex 70's we use the COMM-D adapter. for our PF 753's we use the  20-750-DNET adapter. I was able to successfully map out all the I/O's on our PF 70 using the Comm-d manual (Appendix D) except the start and stop command.  With our 753's we map the DST as follows,

Output, Boolean

First Bit - 2

Used Bits - 1

Byte Offset - 2

With this configuration we are able to start and stop the motor/pump using only one DST. When I try this with out PF 70's it dose not work. Looking at both manuals I believe the command start/stop I/O is the same. Can anyone shed some light on this?



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