Campaign Manager/SOA Gateway Installation

Hi All,

I am trying to install the campaign manager on an existing workstation and set that work station to the SOA Gateway, but it is not cooperating. After I download the workstation I get an error when I try to open the "Administer SOA Gateway". It tells me the DeltaV Gateway Administration was unable to start. An error occurred during initialization. If you have just finished setting your gateway, please allow it some time......

Anyone have any experience or suggestions?

(DeltaV 13.3 running DeltaV Simulate)

  • You may check for HOTFIXES and/or latest SOA Gateway software package for your DeltaV version.
    There were installation issues related to DeltaVAdmin user and password.
  • I ran into this before. We had to change the Windows Server default Services Timeout setting to a higher value.

    This is an unfortunate workaround for the underlying question of 'why does the service take so long to start?' (which I did not get an answer to during our troubleshooting activity) because it requires a reboot of the server (which will be a problem for running production systems) and affects all services on the server and in a regulated environment must be documented as this is not a COTs setting for the DeltaV server.

    Remember, SOA gateway cannot be enabled on a redundant app station, so if you are planning to set this up for a production system eventually, consider the where you will host it given that your production Batch Executive / Campaign Manager may be redundant.