DeltaV versions that supports MD Plus Controller

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We are planning to upgrade our Delta V system from version 11 to the latest Delta V  version.

Does MD Plus Controllers supports DeltaV Version 14.3.0  (14 LTS, 14FP1)? 

What about the I/O cards; do they need replacement?


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  • I believe V13.3.1 is the last version to support MD controllers. We recently upgraded to V14.3.1 but had to upgrade all controllers to type MQ. Our existing I/O cards were fine but you'd need to check with your Emerson vendor just to be sure.
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    MD Plus Controllers work with DeltaV v14 software, but this is the last DeltaV software version that will support MD Plus Controllers. I recommend using the DeltaV Lifecycle Status Listing in Guardian (under the Resources section) to find the lifecycle status and compatibility of your installed hardware. Your local office can help you with this as well.


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    Below is the list of reported nodes in v14.FP1. Of course it also support PK (it is created using a different context menu).

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    Refer to the V14.LTS release notes for compatibility and life cycle status. M-series cards are supported. Although a new visual design is not available, all M-series Series 2 cards are fully supported in v14 and forward. You will not have to replace IO cards. newer look M series cards are interchangeable with Series 2 cards and you can mix and match.

    Andre Dicaire

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    Thanks for you all for your quick reply