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Microsoft Security updates via batch file - batch installer now installs "prerequisites"

Not sure if anyone is still using the Guardian-provided (?) batch files for installation of DeltaV-approved Microsoft security updates and patched. The last few times it's become more complex - practically a 3-stage process with multiple reboots. 

After checking for a pending reboot, the batch installer first deploys 2 - 4 SQL Server patches - are these coming out monthly now? Then another reboot. 

After the reboot, the installer runs the remaining patch files. Lately the monthly W10 / Server2016 update has been around a gigabyte and churns away for 30 minutes, or so it seems.

Just curious if anyone else is finding it as cumbersome to get these patches deployed . . . can these be run on the Windows desktop while DeltaV Operate runs on the DeltaV Desktop?

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  • We had a terrible experience with the .bat for Server 2008

    The Server 2008 MS Updates .bat file is now Gargantuan >5GB. The last .bat install of MS updates for Server 2008 corrupted the boot sectors on our Historian and ProPlus. The corruption of Batch was averted, as we interrupted the update. The experience was horrifying. The most egregious trauma I've ever seen inflicted on an operational DCS. I have no intention of re-attempting now we are post disaster recovery.

    Hope to 'upgrade' soon, and be walking in your path.

    Apologies, not trying to hijack the thread. It was a tedious long process on our version before the nightmare.