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Downloading Assigned I/O (Version 13.3.1)

I logged into one of my plants this morning and noticed that there is a blue triangle beside Assigned I/O underneath one of the controllers. I'm not aware of any changes and there are no blue triangles on the I/O network itself. What happens if I download I/O Assignments on the Assigned I/O? Will it cause any disruptions?

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    I just now had the same problem, likewise on version 13.3.1. I have nothing but CHARM I/O. I read the following in books online.

    Delete Unused Assigned I/O Reference Configuration
    When the Assigned I/O subsystem is selected, this option appears on the Download menu. It applies to CHARM I/O cards (CIOCs) and CHARMs. After you delete CHARM or CIOC assignments, select this download option to update the configuration in the database.

    I tried that, but it didn't remove the blue triangle. Next I downloaded changed setup data at the controller level as Jason suggested, but that didn't work either. So I got my buddy (hee hee) to download I/O Assignments. I have never had a problem downloading an individual I/O point, so I wasn't really expecting any trouble. There was no process disruption and the blue triangle disappeared. I'm not a DeltaV expert, but it worked for me. I'll stay tuned in case someone says I was lucky.