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Emerson Exchange DeltaV Deep Dive Session– Have Questions for the Panel?

Whether it’s real-time control, communications, DeltaV SIS, redundancy / availability, security, or hardware-related—what would you ask the panel of Emerson technologistsGary Law, Dave Denison, and Steve Dienstbier?

The panel members have been actively involved in the development of DeltaV and DeltaV SIS from their initial conception, and are currently engaged in the new products slated for the V12 release and beyond.

We’ll collect your questions in reply to this thread and have them posed to the panel.

The session will be recorded if you’re not able to join us live in Nashville on October 28 Friday sessions—9am in Governors Chamber C and 11am in Governors Chamber B. 

Thanks in advance for your questions!

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