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I am commissioning my DCS.  I started on 9-6-19.  Flashed all my controllers (16) and most of my (72) CIOCs.  I now see that the newest software revision for 13.3.1 is different as of 9-13-19.

I have SZ controllers CSLSs EIOCs SX controllers and CIOCs.  where do I find the most recent software version of everything.  I see the KBA for the newest revision for the controllers and CIOCs and EIOCs.  however, there is not a revision number for the CSLSs in the KBA.

Is there a way (dashboard) to just see the newest revisions for all equipment on a specific release number?

I just want to get on Guardian and see a straight up revision report for every piece of equipment.  I seriously ticked off that I just spent 6 hours flashing controllers (I am getting the controllers and hooking a power source up to them on a bench one by one).  now the Firmware version already changed.  I don't want to start up with the wrong version.  I am starting loop checks tomorrow, so I guess I will be up all night tonight.......

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  • If you have uploaded your latest SURESERVICE Registration file, you can view all of your version information in Guardian under the Assets/Installed Devices. To see if they are the latest, check the all software updates tab in guardian. If you don't have your sureservice export uploaded, then you can still check under the software updates tab, but you would have to do a manual comparison based on the version #'s listed in your live system (accessible thru the diagnostics app)