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Area assignment to alarms and events of a particular workstation

Dear ALl!

The Operator workstations in our plant are configured such as All the modules of a particular area in the database can be operated (Open,close, start,stop) through any workstation

even if that area is not assigned to the operator workstation's alarms and events.

now one of the operator station has crashed and we built a new one and taken that in line but unable to configure that as previously so that

All the modules  in the database are operated (Open,close, start,stop)even if that area is not assigned to the alarms and events.

Anyone knows of the settings I need to do to achieve that?

Will appreciate any feedback on my query


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  • Hi

    For the new operator station : Normally
    Check for the area for the particular plant should be assigned to the alaram and event tab .
    How to check : on the engineering station in deltav explorer - select particular operator workstation - after that select alaram and event tab.
    If it is not assigned then assign the plant area to the ows .


  • there is an option in workstation properties that allows the station to either allow access to all modules or restrict access to the assigned plant areas. this allows a targetted number of alarms for the workstation but still allow write access based on a users wider set of plant areas which could be all modules.

    can't recall exactly where this is, but this gives the access you describe.

    Andre Dicaire

  • In reply to Andre Dicaire:

    The option is on the workstation properties, general tab. "Restrict on-line changes to areas..."
  • In reply to Andre Dicaire:

    Thanks for the input. Solved