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AMS/HART communication/diagnostics via DeltaV PROVOX Migration Controller

We still have a couple of areas that have heritage PROVOX I/O cards via migration controllers to DeltaV (both MD & SX).  The diagnostics is questionable at best & I currently cannot communicate with devices via AMS.  Does anyone have this capability currently?  If so what is the integration solution to allow HART/AMS to pass thru the I/O cards via the migration controllers to allow the same functionality that exists for my DeltaV I/O?  Thanks...Jason

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  • Jason,
    A couple of questions to help obtain a better answer for you are:
    What version of the DeltaV system do you have?
    What is the specific functionality you're looking that exists with your DeltaV analog cards with AMS? The pass-through capability? Or more?
    What diagnostic information are you looking for? A couple of hotfixes exist regarding the SMART Analog Input cards with the DeltaV Controller for PROVOX I/O, including one that resolves the BAD status not being shown when the transmitter wires are disconnected. (KBA number specific to DeltaV version.)

    For pass-through capability with a PROVOX SMART Analog Input card on a DeltaV Controller for PROVOX I/O, the following things should be completed:
    The channels of the SMART AI card that are connected to HART devices for which you want to have pass-through capability should have the Channel Type as Hybrid Input Channel, and if changed, the card downloaded.

    The following should be done for the diagnostic information from the devices to be mapped, and may also be needed for transmission of that data to AMS (I've looked for confirmation of this point, and have not been able to find it):
    The card properties box has a button labeled Advanced Properties, which should have the Error Mapping Enabled check box selected.
    Also, I believe that the priority levels for the HART status values for the status values you wish to have available should be set to some level - not None - in the Integrity Level tab. I'm not sure about the Process Level tab, which provides the HART status information to the alarm system.

    I'm sure that there's additional details I'm overlooking that will help, and with answers to the questions above, more specific answers will be added to the topic.

    J.D. Wheelis
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    I want to be able to configure/view/troubleshoot devices in AMS.
    I have SE Analog inputs, but Hybrid is not an option for channel type
    I don't have Envox because I don't have PROVOX controllers anymore
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    If what you mean by "I have SE Analog inputs" is that the PROVOX AI cards are the Single Ended Analog Input cards, those cards are not capable of communicating with HART instruments via the HART protocol - they are analog in only.
    If that is the type of cards you have, the only option would be to use a wiring multiplexer to get the instrument signals to AMS. I'm not too familiar with the options for a wiring multiplexer.
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    Ok, thanks that is what we have.