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HMI Siemens Profibus DP to DCS Delta V

I would like to know if it is possible to connect a Siemens TP1500 Comfort HMI with Profibus DP to a Delta-V DCS (I have not worked with the DCS Delta V).

I understand that the HMI works as a slave in the Profibus DP network (together with other Profibus DP I / O stations). The HMI would be used to visualize and command a small part of the plant. The control logic would be configured in the DCS.


(sorry for my english).

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  • Hi, I have a similar problem. i want to add an siemens panel into a deltaV system. Wat are your results??
  • In reply to deltavstudent:

    I have done this using a field HMI running WonderWare, in our case. This required installing OPC Remote on your HMI workstation, and an Archestra (part of WonderWare) topic which is pointed to the OPC server provided by OPC Remote.
    I seem to recall that there may be more of an "official" Emerson offering which uses a Pepprl &Fuchs HMI, our Emerson Local Business Partner was able to provide technical data to us for this, but we already had existing units running that we were able to reuse in this manner.