Bitstring parameter mapping

Is there a document that explains the bit-mapping for all bitstring parameters in DeltaV? This is very frustrating to map out. Some examples below...there are others.


  • I use the file BitstringTranslations.txt which is located in the bin folder (which is typically C:\DeltaV\bin) but it doesn't have all of them documented unfortunately (these two are NOT included).

    So for your question on these two bitstrings you can look at the graphic SIS_MOD_fp to figure out the associated bits for each option (which is a lot easier in Live than Operate so I included below)

    SIF_ALERTS (Bit)
    1 - Value Forced
    2 - Input Bypass Active
    3 - Startup Override Active
    4 - Bypass Expiration Imminent
    5 - Input Tripped
    6 - Input Pre-Trip
    7 - Input Deviation
    8 - Trip Commanded
    9 - Trip Command Overridden
    10 - Output Tripped
    13 - Debug View Active

    SIF_ERRORS (Bit)
    1 - Algorithm Error
    2 - IO Input Error
    3 - IO Output Error
    4 - Trip Confirm Fail
    5 - Fault State Active
    6 - Input Transfer Error
    7 - Output Transfer Error
    8 - Unresolved Reference
    9 - Execution Overload
    10 - Last PST Failed

    Note that these bit numbers are not zero based so to correlate to the Option# you would need to subtract 1.

    Hopefully this helps and all makes sense.