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I appears that I have to have a named set that is exactly 6 states plus an undefined state with value 255 in order for me to even browse to it when changing, SP_D, PV_D, etc. This is fine, however, the faceplate looks at the name set via .A_OPSEL in order to determine the number of selections. This determines visibility on the faceplate.  I can modify the named set after the fact so that there are only the states I want and then the correct number of buttons show up. But then I can't use that named set when setting up other EDC blocks. There is a setting called Number of States in the State Mask for the EDC, but this doesn't appear to be a parameter that you can browse out to in Configure.  None of the state mask properties (STATEIN0, STATEOUT0, CST, ST, AWST, etc) seem to give me any information that I could use to write a custom visibility script for the faceplate.   I really don't want to have 6 buttons on the faceplate at all times. Hopefully I'm missing something. 


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  • Yes the named set has to have that setup but you set the User Selectable for the only valid operator selectable SPs. This is what the FP will be using and in the case of Operate it uses the OPSEL as indicated but in Live it actually can read the associated User Selectable entries to determine the number of Buttons to Show. You then use different named sets for this format to get Start/Stop, Fwd/Rev/Stop, Open/Close, Close/Left/Right, etc.

    Look at the EDC faceplates (EDC_fp in both Operate and Live) that are there by default or just start your new FP with this FP and make your associated changes wanted after creating your unique instance.
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    Okay, so both will essentially use the OPSEL. So, i just need to update my current named sets by adding the additional entries, then just choose NO for User Selectable. Then OPSEL will treat the named set as if there were only the 2/3 entries.
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    Yes, you can also make them not visible as well as you probably won't be seeing those states.