SIF ALERT - Trip consensus in an AVTR or DVTR block

Hello DeltaV users/developers out there,

I have an alarm and it caused by the SIF ALERTS (non-zero). The alarm is that my SIS module is in Debug mode (though it is not), and that something is forced (though nothing is forced).

This happened when I did a forced in one of the block in debug mode from a Professional Station, then the Proplus was shutdown. Therefore, I lost the communication with the Proplus.

Then, I closed my SIS module without removing the forced in the block since the SIS module is not responding.

Then when the Proplus came back, I opened the same SIS Module from the Professional Stn. and found out that the SIS Module is no longer in debug mode and the forced is no longer there.

Upon checking on the SIS Module, the SIF ALERTS showed that only the "Trip consensus in an AVTR or DVTR block" is checked or enabled.

This is the cause why the alarm that the SIS Module is in Debug mode and an input is in Forced are activated.

Can someone explain what is the meaning of this "Trip consensus in an AVTR or DVTR block" and how can I normalize/remove it?

Everything is healthy and I don't have any trips in any of the AVTR or DVTR blocks.

Planning to recycle the Professional Station and find out if that will solve the issue.

Thanks for your reply.

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