Fibre Optic Connection Technology validation for Project

We are in FEED for platform project. Platform located about ~165KM away from Onshore. Onshore facility is commissioned and running with DeltaV.

Platform is Not Normally Man (NNM) Platform and will be operated from existing onshore.

Current setup onshore comprised of three (3) zones as Zone A, B & C.  Platform is an additional facility and will have separate Zone called Zone D.  As Platform is Not Normally Manned Platform so it will be operated/Maintained from existing onshore facility.

For operation point of view we are proposing to extend Interzone (IZN) , L2.5 (PIN), Thin Client and Safety (LSN) Network from Platform to Onshore.

The communication between the two facility will be done by Fibre optic connection (FOC). FOC will be supply by Client and they will use SLTE (Submarine Line Terminal Equipment) technology.

As per Client there will be Single core which will transmit the data of all four network with different wavelength.

We have few question as below and also we want technology to confirm about the FOC technology. 

  1. Will DeltaV support  SLTE technology and the distance between two locations?
  2. Can Safety network be clubbed with the process data network?
  3. How can we calculate bandwidth of each networks and What would be  acceptable latency?
  4. In this project we are proposing virtualization, We are exploring the option of keeping two VRTX at different (one at Platform and other at onshore) location. We believe this would be beneficial for remote Operation and control from onshore facility, Will this beneficial for reducing  network traffic ?

Attached please find proposed NW architecture.Proposed NW Architecture.pdf