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I made an user defined export of an instance. Then I made some BulkEdit changes. Once I imported edited file, no changes were stored in the database. The same situation occurs when I make some manual change opening FHX in notepad. The only way to make it functional is to completely remove an instance and import edited file. Then it works. Any Idea how to fix it? We have 11.3.1 with latest hotfixes.


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  • You give very little details...
    Did you get error messages when importing? If so, what message text?
    The remark that the change was possible only after deleting the instance makes me think you are changing the class of the instance. This is not possible directly. In such case you have to make the instance classless before inheriting the instance from another class.
  • Since you mentioned you performed an import of a modified instance, I'd guess that the instance was a class-based control module, and were data changes. The user-defined export or import of a control module needs a module template with the exact name of the value in the SubType box, found in the module properties dialog, General tab, Naming References section, SubType field, and the module_subtype field in the export data (in spreadsheet) must contain the same value.

    After performing the import of the modified export file, how did you check on the changes? In DeltaV Explorer? Occasionally, Explorer doesn't refresh the display of data without something to trigger the refresh; you can always use the F5 key to refresh the data displayed - if the data did get imported correctly.

    You can check on what occurred in the import or export by checking the ImportExportProgress.log file, written to the \DeltaV\DVData directory on your data disk (D:\ disk?). The information in the log file will remain until the next import or export.
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    One thing to note about editing the fhx, if the date time stamp on the objects being imported are not greater than what the database has on record, then the import is skipped. Add 1 second to the serial and human readable timestamp associated with each object you change in the fhx. Not sure about the bulk import other than what others have offered.
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    Just change the 'time' value: so changing ' user="MyUser" time=1557994607/* "16-May-2019 10:16:47" */' to ' user="MyUser" time=1557994608/* "16-May-2019 10:16:47" */' is sufficient. The part '/* "16-May-2019 10:16:47" */" is just a comment.

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    Ok, yeah I usually change both just to keep it straight in my mind.