Modify Flexlock Log Off Time

I'm generally logged into the windows desktop as an admin user, and I would like to increase the logout time of Flexlock but I can't figure it out.

I want to increase it to 30 minutes or something, because it seems like I barely turn away to read an email and I'm logged out again on DeltaV.


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  • This is done via the Windows screensaver configuration when the DeltaVScreenSaver is being used
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    There seems to be something overriding this option. I set the windows screensaver wait to 1 minute and I haven't seen a change. I'm guessing the wait time is around 10 minutes..
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    Someone may have built their own interface for this not knowing that this feature existed (it can log out or login a default user)
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    The screen saver business is actually somewhat tricky.
    First, screen saver is user specific, so if you set it for one windows user, it doesn't automatically apply to another. A Group policy may be driving it, overriding changes made for one profile with global settings.
    Second, if it is a terminal server, and the same windows user is logged in more than once, changing the setting doesn't seem to apply until that user has completely logged off all sessions.
    To troubleshoot, use process history view to determine when you are being logged off down to the second. You can record the start of your idle time manually, then come back later and query phv to see how long it took to log you out.
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    Good tip on using the PHV, it is 10 minutes, would this group policy be on the ProPlus station?