Bulk Edit of HART devices

Since the mapping of device alert type should be same on DeltaV and AMS, For doing the same we need to first map on AMS by bulk edit similar to that do we have method do on DeltaV side like changing device ,status and sub system conditions matching to AMS?

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  • Something to keep in mind is that many devices do no allow changing the assignment of alerts from their DD. That is, in AMS, the devices always show the device alerts in the same categories. DeltaV provides a method to change the assignment of alerts. I think it is important to keep the DeltaV and AMS alert reporting to the same, so if the device does not allow reassignment of alerts, keep them the same in DeltaV.

    One thing I do is change unwanted alerts to none so they don't appear in DeltaV. What I don't want is to have an alert show up in DeltaV as Advisory and be Critical in AMS. Also, if you have AMS, this should be your primary tool for managing device alerts and the DeltaV alerts are not really needed.

    Andre Dicaire

  • In reply to Andre Dicaire:

    Hi Andre,
    Thanks for the input .We plan to match the alert type to be same both on AMS and DeltaV but instead of choosing "None" type we plan to change priority of the same to be LOG type for PAS and for SIS since we cannot download leaving mismatch on DeltaV and AMS will that be a cause of concern if yes then please suggest them .
    Shashikanth tadoori