Rosemount HART device not communicating with AMS

Hi all.

I have recently hooked up a 3051 pressure transmitter to our delta v (rev13.3) test rack and recorded base line readings and calibration verification into AMS (13.5) and everything worked as expected.

Once complete the E/I technician powered down disconnected the analog wiring from the device prior to disabling the HART channel and deleting the tag from the test rack controller.

The same tag was then installing out in the process area under a new controller and the 4-20ma signal (percent field value )is being used and working in the module.

The channel is HART enabled and the device was auto sensed & the proper device and revision was identified, on the channel. Once I went into AMS and tried to scan that particular device and alert came up stating that AMS could not communicate with the device.

We could go out to the device and hook up to it with a 475 with no problem and configure the device locally.

My question is, why can’t I communicate with the device via AMS? 

Is there a particular order to follow while setting up a HART device on a test rack, decommissioning it and the re commissioning it on a different controller.

thanks for your feedback in advance

  • In reply to Dan Mos:

    Hi Dan, since you have commissioned this device on a different channel on a different controller then decommissioned it and then move it to another DeltaV channel using the same Device tag. I believe that AMS DM is still looking at the same path as when you first commissioned the device and this is why AMS can’t communicate to the device since the path is not there anymore.
    I suggest you go to the first channel the device was on and change the DST back to its original dst and make it non HART channel (don’t forget to download) then use AMS DM remove device utility and remove that device tag from AMS database. Autosense the Device again from its current connection then do a rebuilt Hierarchy in AMS DM. This should do the trick. If it don’t, let me know and we can chat to figure this out.
  • In reply to Dan Mos:

    Yes, if you use remove device utility, you will lose all the device data.
    Let try one thing before removing the device out of AMS database.
    As you mentioned, you just disabled your channel and moved the device to another channel and it stop working. This time, go into the channel property and change the channel to non HART channel and change the autosense hart tag name from Ex. TT101 to a deltaV dst ex. CTLR1C01CH02 then download the card. Now go to the flow device new channel and RE-autosense the channel. Go to AMS DM and rebuild hierarchy at the DeltaV Network level. The flow device should appear in the right channel. Scan the device and this should work. If it communicates, you don’t have to remove the device out of AMS database and still have all your Device calibration and notes.
    Let me know how this goes. Good Luck