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Export List of Parameter Names

I'm working on generating large lists for a PI connection and I am now at the point where I am reviewing modules with no history collection. It is not a prerequisite that a parameter be historized in DV Continuous historian and I plan to hit the parameters directly. Many of the parameters that I want to add are used more for operator indication or reference during run time and they are not necessarily something that needs historical trending to operate the process.However, for the bean counters and engineers some of these values carry weight. The parameters I'm looking to hiztorize in PI are located in landing modules for AIs and DIs that come in through a VIM2 - Contrologix setup.

What I need to extract from these landing modules are the names of the parameters, SV1_LS, for example, and I can tack on the .CV afterwards if necessary. Most but not all of these parameters are either Input or Output parameters with the exception of a couple read/writes. I've been trying to create a format file but cannot seem to find what I'm looking for, I've searched the site and found discussions that are close to this but not close enough.

Any suggestions on exporting a list of module level parameter names?

Thanks in advance!

- Chris

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