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Bulk Edit User Defined Parameter Properties

I have a few hundred modules that we created 15 years ago (before "classes") which have an "Output Parameter" defined as a floating point. I want to change them all to "floating point with status". I am not a regular user of bulk edit and initially the FMT files I create do not seem to capture the parameter properties.

Is there a way to export the parameter properties so that they can be changed en masse and imported back into the configuration?

I am currently running DeltaV 13.3



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  • John, The Bulk Edit tools do not allow you to change the structure or content of a module. They will only allow you to update the values, or in the case of a new module, create it from a template.

    To modify the non-Class based module you pretty much have to do that manually. The other approach is to use an FHX export, but that has a significant risk associated with it, not to mention a need to understand the syntax of the FHX and avoid inadvertently changing other parameters.

    You can change the parameter type from DeltaV Explorer, saving you the time to open the modules in Control Studio. I think it would be safer to buckle down and make the changes via Explorer, and then download modules 10 or 20 at a time ( or individually...).

    Andre Dicaire