How can I delete extra alarms.

through control studio I used the Alarm button up top, added a few and configured them. I clicked add and realized for my system I didn't need it, so I clicked cancel. It still added it but its not configured. I can configure it, but in Explorer when I go through Control Strats, Area, Module, and in the right pane is listed all of the blocks and components used in the module. Including Alarms. when I right click those alarms, the configured ones or not I cannot select Delete, it is greyed out.  I am logged in and can edit the system. What am I missing? do I delete them through another application?

  • Hello,
    edit your module in control studio, select "view" in toolbar, select "Alarm view" (check box). The alarm list appear at the bottom of control studio. Select the alarm you want to delete , right Mouse Click, "Delete".
    Best regards