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v13 Detail Display Alarm Enable Checkbox is Disabled


I am beginning to convert some of our customized v12 detail displays to v13 and I noticed something curious.  On the default v13 analog detail displays, the Alarm Enable/Disable check boxes are no longer able to be clicked on - the check box is greyed out.  It will represent the current enable state of the alarm, but you can not longer change it from the display regardless of your security level.

Is there a reason Emerson decided to go this route in v13?  Books OnLine indicates that this is the expected functionality.

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  • Dave,

    In v12 and earlier there was only the Alarm Enable and Suppression bits but now in v13 with the Alarm Enable, Shelve (Old Suppression) and a new Out of Service (OOS) there really isn't a reason to disable the alarm anymore like it was used in v12 and prior.

    It also makes more sense to leave the Alarm enabled and use the OOS (Logic suppression or maintenance activity) or Shelve (Operator Suppression) with Alarm Auditing addition/changes in v13.

    Hopefull this very quick explanation helps.

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    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the quick reply. This makes sense from an operations perspective. It is a bit of a paradigm shift that will take some customer convincing.

    I must say, I am excited for the OOS bit, I certainly have a lot of use for it.

  • In reply to Matt Stoner:

    Hi Matt,

    Using OOS and Shelve function, can we have two separate list without doing active x control (meaning with standards filter function)? 1 for auto suppression (logic suppression) and the other for Manual Suppression (Operator Suppression?)