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Export from DeltaV 7.4.1 to ODBC (MS Access)

Hello to all,

I´m using an old DeltaV Client V7.4.1 on a Windows Server 2003 (Standard Edition) system and I want to export the project data to MS Access, because of writing a tool later to analyse the data. I actually exported data to an .fhx file with and opened it with MS Excel or Editor, but I need the Data in MS Access, otherwise I would have to write another tool to transfer the data to Access.

I saw that there should be a possibility to export data to ODBC. I have created an access-database and linked it with a dsn-file in the control panel/Administrative Tools. Then I tried to export with DeltaV Explorer/File/Export/user defined > ODBC, I selected my dsn file, but then I couldn´t select one of my databases in the dropbox, I can only select "MsysAccessObjects"(before I installed MS Office it was the same!). I think MsysAccessObjects is an access-system-database.

When I first worked with it there was no MS Office on the System, so I installed MS Office 2003 later. I have read that the later installation might make problems, maybe the Version is not compatible with DeltaV V7.4.1.

So you see I have a lot of questions:

Is there a possibility to export my data to MS Access?

Is the version of MS Access compatible with my DeltaV version or can I get the information anywhere in my System? Maybe I can get another version of MS Office if necessary.

Thanks for your answers,

best regards, Chris

  • In reply to Chris:

    Finally I found out another possibility. In the Emerson Application Exchange I found a tool which converts fhx-files to access. I couldn´t use it on my deltaV System, cause it needs Access2007 and Access2007 doesn´t run on a windows server 2003 system without servoce pack, but I could open it on an other system. When I first startet it, I got an error, cause there were a few small bugs in the code, but I could fix that and now I have my project data in MS Access 2003 (I saved it as .mdb).

    For all who are interested in the way I converted the data:

    1.) Download the tool: (Thanks to the software engineer!)

    2.) Use MS Access2007 to open it(it´s a normal .accdb-file), then it gets a bit difficult: The tool is VB based, so you have to find out where in the code bugs are. You can find the bugs in the code when you try to import a fhx-file and then start debugging when you are asked for it. I corrected the Code three times. The problem is that VB can´t find form_1, so I just wrote "forms!" in front of it.

    3.) If you corrected the code correctly, you should be able to import an fhx-file now. Your Data is saved in the table "Tparam". You can now easily export the table into another existing access database with context menu / export. You can save it in an .accdb (Access2007 or newer) or .mdb (Access 2003 or older) database.

    Thanks for all your help!

    Best regards, Chris