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Integration with Delta V

My name is David Hennessy I'm currently doing my fourth year project in Cork Institute Technology Ireland in conjunction of GlaxoSmithKline Cork on the possibility of  integrating existing Lasentec used in the process with Delta V.The Lasentec is a METTLER TOLEDO D600 probe which will hopefully be integrated with Delta V using ModBus. I'm curious if anyone else who has carried out a project similar to this, any information would be greatly appreciated.

Regards David

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  • DeltaV supports MODBUS communications through their serial card.

    Here's a link to the serial card data sheet: http://www2.emersonprocess.com/siteadmincenter/PM%20DeltaV%20Documents/ProductDataSheets/PDS_S-series_SerialInterface.pdf

    The solution can be implemented with redundant cards if needed, although I've never had one fail. 

    It's pretty straight forward.  I recommend it to clients who just want to read a bunch of data points from a remote device.  If you need to "Control" multiple points I would recomend seeing if the device had a more robust interface (Fieldbus, Profibus).  I would not recomend it for any shutdown or E-stop functionality.

    The only problem I've seen with the DeltaV modbus solution is it can not read the entire set of registers.  The current Modbus specification allows you to address 5 digit registers (XX,XXX), while the DeltaV serial implementation only allows access to the first 9,999.  This is usually not a problem though.  I ran into this once, integrating several large Carrier chillers.  Carrier for some reason decided to start their data registers at 16,000, so we implemented an OPC solution instead.

    Hope that helps,



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    What Travis is referring to is what is called extended Modbus addressing.  Some applications are actually doing 6 digit addressing (xxx,xxx).  We support this in DeltaV with our Enhanced Modbus Driver for the DeltaV Serial card, and the Modbus TCP/IP Driver for the DeltaV Virtual IO Module.  Please see www.mynah.com/.../features-deltav-enhanced-modbus-driver and www.mynah.com/.../features-virtual-io-module-modbus-tcpip-driver.

    Please contact us at support@mynah.com if you have any questions.