Award-Winning Presentation: One Day Version 10.3 Upgrade - How a Large Biotech Plant's DeltaV Systems Were Successfully Upgraded in One Day

This presentation won the best presentation in the Control System Modernization track. It was prepared and presented by Amgen's Auguste Dionne, Dan DiMatteo, and New England Control's David Maglaya. Their abstract:

This presentation discusses how it is possible to perform a major control system version migration (DeltaV v8.4.2 to v10.3.1) with proper planning, testing, project management and utilization of the LBP's available expertise. Performing a major version upgrade in a GMP validated facility requires planning that also includes cross-functional team collaboration and communication to minimize production interruptions and reduce the re-validation effort. The upgrade was performed on a large scale Biotech facility that includes 2 interconnected DeltaV systems.

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