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Cyber Security

What are the most common ways plant security is breached and what are the most effective ways to prevent them?

Larry Griffin | Intranet Manager - PSS

  • While I don’t think there is a universal answer for this concern, in my opinion most DeltaV systems are the most vulnerable in the area of removable media.   A common thought is that if I’ve got anti-virus software installed, I’ll be OK.  But there is too much reliance placed upon the anti-virus software.  The zero-day exploits, (those which take advantage of some new issue for which there is not yet detection or patch software available) should always be guarded against.  You can only do that by carefully controlling the physical media access and network access to the system.  Again, the anti-virus package can only stop known issues.  

    If you do have the need to move electronic media, dedicated devices, between systems you control, is the safest way to go.  General purpose devices that might have been exposed to a machine that is perhaps used to download other software from the Internet, or is used on systems that are less guarded should be avoided.

    Overall, you really need to do a risk assessment for any specific system to discover what should be done to secure the system.  You will have to prioritize as you’ll probably find that you can’t do everything.   But the assessment will focus your effort on the highest priorities.

  • There is 2 ways how to mitigate issues. First one is described by Randy - SW+HW+on-line supervision ( any kind of "reactive" activity - you solve konwn issues. I always put on the same important level second one - to build safety culture - every employee / supplier step done on system security side has to be done / implement in safe manners ( trainings, refreshing known things, and security audits - this topic touches also Randy in the last paragraph. Second way is more preventive / proactive.