Could not Commission the fieldbus device.


At first, I installed VEGAFLEX 8xFF from the FieldComm link through AMS -> Add Device in the AMS Server Plus station and VegaFlex 8xFF Device Revision: 3 & Device Description Revision 3 was added. 

As I commissioned the Fieldbus device after the "INITIALIZING" state, DeltaV Explorer returned the below error. 

After this error, the device went to commissioned state & appeared in the Decommissioned mode as "Mismatch Fieldbus Device" which for me indicates that the Fieldbus device didn't get commissioned to the placeholder in the deltav exp. and in the AMS Device Manager, I could access the device & the DD info displayed there was VEGAFLEX 8x Device Revision 3 and DD Revision 1. 

What does it mean by  "Logical device LIT0804 is not the same device type or revision as "5647...... ..... .."? and Unable to assign logic device to physical device?