DeltaV CHARMS-HART Maintenance Alarms with Weird Message

Hi All,

We recently had an unexpected power outage . After the power restoration, there were many CHARMS HART Device alarms- Maintenance and Failed Alarms. Some of the alarms became stale and there were no solid descriptions to those alarms. Tried suppressing all HART Device alarm initiators from the HART Faceplate. However, the alarms are still present. 

All the Failed alarms are coming from Analog Output CHARMS Card(HART Enabled). All of them have a weird message of '000013_0009:6:3:0[0]' in the alarm log. Any suggestions on how to solve this issue. All these Analog Outputs are working fine though.

Many of the maintenance alarms are due to device 'Mfg/Type/Rev Mismatch', 'Analog/Digital Disparity detected'.



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  • That looks like manufacturer ID and Rev in hex. Your last statement about device Mfg/Type/Rev Mismatch', I suggest you get the DD for that device and import it into the DeltaV Pro+ and do a autosense to let the IO charms knows what type of device is on the charm. This should also fix your Mfg/Type/Rev Mismatch' and maybe other issue.
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    Thanks Tinh for the suggestions. All of them are control valves.
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    Hi, I am finding that few HART Settings(tags/revision/description) are different between DeltaV and HART Device. Is it okay to reconcile I/O while the plant is online?
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    What do you mean online? Are you running a process that require those devices on a card or CIOC? If yes, I would not recommend it bc when you reconcile the IO, you will need to download the card or CIOC. This could cause a bump on your control module(s) and possibly shut down the process.
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    Yes Tinh, Process needs those devices(analog outputs) for normal operation. Will wait until next shut opportunity and reconcile. Thanks again for your inputs.