DeltaV Batch Operator Interface / BatchListView solutions to show just incomplete Batches

I've have been requested to show just incomplete Batches on the BOI, essentially masking out any that have been COMPLETED/ABORTED/STOPPED. 

Filtering on State sounded like a potential option but (unless I've overlooked something) only allows for one or a pattern matched group of states (using the wildcard).  The ActiveX BatchList control allow colouring of States and was thinking that might allow highlighting of the incomplete Batches to allow operator to focus on those easily (see below). State colouring does NOT seem to be possible in the BOI (for the BatchList display at least)

I've also considered using the Sort order for Elapsed time to bring more recently started batches to the top of the list (but aborted and stopped could be in that list) but generally that might be acceptable.

Has anybody got any ideas on how to easily identify the incomplete batches on the BOI, I think colouring as shown above via the ActiveX could be my way forward, but ideally a filter or sort approach I could apply to both interface would be great.

Is there anyway to auto remove complete/aborted/stoppped batches an option or programmatically? 

Yes I know the proper answer is to train the operators to remove the inactive batches in a timely manner, but you know!