DeltaV Device Commissioner "Sensing Failed"

v14LTS w/ v14.5AMS

Having an issue with DDC not scanning CIOCs. Simply says sensing failed, nearly instantly. Nothing in any of the various logs seems to indicate what the problem may be. Licensed (as in we have Configuration Studio) and set-up per the white paper and identical to another working system. 

Users all have the Can Edit and Can Set Up Devices keys for the auto commissioning functions. 

Noticed that in I/O studio where the user would typically show up it says <none>.

Can find no KBA on the GSC website related to this issue. 

Has anyone else run into this issue?

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  • What does your DeltaV Explorer indicated you are log in as? You can find your DeltaV Exp log in at the bottom right. Were you able to launch AMS Device Manager from the device and see it's status?
  • In reply to Tinh Phan:

    Config All/Download All, and yes AMS was working normally. Unrelated but rolling back to 14.3 today as 14.5 became unstable.
  • In reply to ElectroTech:

    sorry you are having issues with AMS DM 14.5. I don't see this issue and the performance it outstanding with AMS DM 14.5 or newer. Before rolling back to AMS 14.1.1. I suggest you call in to GSC for support. I have not run into this issues and they can look at the log files and see where is the issue may be.
  • In reply to Tinh Phan:

    That decision to roll back was made in consult with the impact partner. From conversations with other sites who had been told not to go to 14.5 I think there is a disconnect somewhere.

    The performance was never as good as the previous version from an end user perspective. Slow and glitchy and many failed "saves" on a system that never had issues prior.