User Level required for Operate and Windows Shutdown

Is it possible for a standard user to shutdown DeltaV Operate and/or Windows?  I'd picture it being a user without Tune privilege  but have access to shutdown options. There are times that the operator might need to do that and currently requires Admin privileges.


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  • Clicking the upper left Icon on Flexlock will give you a list of options. "Shutdown" is one of these options but requires the Windows Desktop access option to select which operators don't have. The operator can select "Logoff Windows" however and then upon logoff Windows they can choose CTRL+ALT+DEL and an option to shutdown/restart will appear on the lower right side of the logon screen.

    Note: If you have Windows Autologon on the machine configured then this won't work because it will automatically log back in but if the operator holds Shift Key during the Log off process I believe it will disable this feature and then allow the CTRL ATL DEL and select shutdown option.