Manage Energy for Processing, Discrete and Hybrid Plants – Simply and Cost-effectively

As regulations get more stringent and profitability more elusive for plants and factories, all eyes turn to energy management. Not only is high quality, uninterrupted power critical to operations’ continuity and plant safety, there is also substantial money to be saved in the monitoring and efficient management of electricity usage. At the same time, many control and monitoring systems have traditionally been too costly or cumbersome to be effective in some applications and industries. All of that has changed with the PACSystemsTM Electrical Control and Monitoring System (ECMS) solutions. See more HERE.

Simple and cost-effective for even very small plants and enterprises, the Emerson PACSystems ECMS is flexible and scalable enough to respond to large energy management needs. It can also be fully integrated with DCS systems and, as a result, is appropriate for energy management in processing, discrete and hybrid operations.

 Incorporating built-in energy management software that is highly intuitive to use and program, the Emerson ECMS solution can get energy usage savings from an idea to reality. PACSystems ECMS solutions aggregate and centralize data to help operators control and visualize the reliability and productivity of the plant’s electrical system with features including:

  • Electrical SCADA
  • Black start function
  • Real-time alarms and alerts
  • Grid synchronization control
  • Circuit breaker control
  • Motor control
  • Transformer and tap changer control
  • Connection to any meter, or field measuring system
  • Energy consumption metrics
  • Power quality metrics
  • Load shedding / load balancing metrics
  • Availability metrics
  • Power synchronization metrics
  • Detailed consumption and cost reporting

Learn more about this simple solution that can make your plant an energy-saving hero.

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