A Glimpse into Future Control Systems

Let’s end this week before Thanksgiving here in the U.S. with a vision, “…on how plant managers, operators, and engineers may digitally transform the way plants and teams operate.”, with this 3-minute YouTube video, DeltaV Technology for Next-Generation Operations.

Technologies shown in this vision include facial recognition for secure operator login, voice & gesture user interface for simplified operations, application marketplace to add new functionality, voice/smart search for critical plant information managed by the control system, smart watch alerts from the control system, drone inspection of problems in the process, augmented reality to overlay diagnostic information with over physical equipment with artificial intelligence to support actionable recommendations, location awareness for safer field operations, and predictive analytics fir optimized operations.

Most or all these technologies, developed for other industries and applications, will find there way into control systems to support what’s required to continue to operate manufacturing and production processes as safely, efficiently, reliably and profitably as possible.

Visit the DeltaV section on Emerson.com for what’s available today and share your ideas for what should come as we move to the future in the DeltaV discussion forum in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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