Ethernet connection for HART, Profi and FF


I have a standalone AMS version 13.0, and 13.5 version and looking for a solution how do i connect multiple HART, FF and Profibus devices  using a ethernet gateway and configure the device using DD or DTM.

looking for different options how all it can be connected. 


  • For FF devices you can use an FF-HSE linking device like Softing FG-200; it uses FF-HSE over IP and Ethernet

    For 4-20 mA/HART devices use a HART multiplexer with HART-IP. There are a few using HART-IP over IP and Ethernet

    Digital transformation and Industry 4.0 are bringing many new I&C technologies into light to achieve digitalization of work processes. HART-IP is one of many not entirely new; they existed in the background for some time. Learn what other plants are doing from this essay :