Reading Hart signals from OPC interface

I've been asked to add Hart signals that come into DeltaV, to our OSIsoft PI Historian. Our current DeltaV-PI link is via OPC, but I have no idea how to access the Hart data. Do I have to create a reference in a DeltaV module and then link to that, or can I link directly to another OPC sever on the DeltaV system that allows access to the Hart signal?

Any help much appreciated!



  • The PI OPC DA interface is an OPC client application that connects to the DeltaV OPC DA Server and retrieves real-time data from
    the DeltaV system. The PI OPC DA interface then writes this data to the embedded Enterprise PI historian. For more details on the PI
    OPC DA interface, refer to the “OPC Interface to the PI System” manual provided by OSIsoft.
  • DeltaV I/O channels most likley need to have the "HART" feature enabled for any of that data to be accessible through the DeltaV OPC server.  From having clicked around a bit, I do recall an AMS OPC server that might have more direct / default access to all HART variables, but I would bet it's separately licensed.

    OSIsoft provides a "test client" that you can experiment with - see if it finds an ennumeration.

    From Guardian:

    "An OPC (OLE for Process Control) Server is a licensable AMS Device Manager feature. It allows an OPC client application to access HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus device data and interact with connected devices through AMS Device Manager. Live device information through OPC is not supported from PROFIBUS devices."

    You would most likely need to configure a separate instance of the PI OPC Interface to connect to the AMS OPC server, and create tags in the PI Archive for each variable of interest. HTH.

    -John R.