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AMS for ABB Advant or 800 Series IO?

Is there an AMS interface for ABB Advant DCS with S800 series I/O? 

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  • AMS Device Manager supports the ABB System 800xA Interface. At this time, the AC800M series controllers are the only ABB controllers supported by this interface along with HART I/O communicating with HART field devices only. More information can be found in the Product Data Sheet (
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    Thanks, i read about the 800xA interface and its limitation only to AC800M controllers. Is just that the S800 I/O has been out for a long time now, before 800xA, and the AI and AO modules have alway been HART compatible, so i was wondering if by any chance there was a specific module that would connect to the S800 IO bus or if using a Fieldbus module (conected on the S800 IO bus) that could extract HART for AMS.