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AMS 13.5 supports which FDT version 1.2 or 1.2.1 or 2.0 ?

Dear Team,

Currently I am trying to associate DTMs with AMS 13.5, I have issue to see installed DTMs in association list.

I could see some DTMs from Emerson like RouseMount DTMs, So could you please confirm whether AMS support specific FDT version? or Supports only Specific DTMs?


Mahender Rao

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    Hi Prashant

    Thanks for your reply
    I have gone through the same But it doesn't solve issue
    In AMS, DTM catalogue, I dont see installed DTMs for Associations But can be seen under DTM List.

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    Hello Mahender,

    In order for the DTM to show in the DTM Catalogue, there must be a corrosponding Device type/rev registered in the AMS Device Manager database. This is typically done by installing the device descriptor. Can you please verify the Device type and revision of your device and whether you have the DD installed on your system?

    Nicholas Meyer - Product Manager, Handheld Communicators
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    Hello Nicholas Meyer,

    Thanks for your response.
    I did installed respective DD version with same revision of DTM. But still I couldn't see DTM in Association List.
    Pls Note: I could see DTM in DTM list but not association list

    More Details: I am checking with ABB 266 Pdp HART DTM , ABB TTx300 HART DTM with respective DD`s. Over AMS 13.5

    Thanks & Regards
    Mahender Rao
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    Hello Mahender,

    If the DTM is available in the Catalog as a recognized DTM but it is not available in association list, then it sounds like the DTM is not correctly registering its device type or classification(i.e. comm DTM vs device DTM). I recommend you escalate this issue through Guardian support for further investigation.

    Best Regards,

    P.S. The AMS Device Manager DTM Launcher supports FDT 2.0.
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    Hello Nicholas,

    Thank you for Information.
    I will log as issue in Guardian Support.

    Best Regards
    Mahender Rao