What in the heck is Digital Transformation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence about and how do we get started?

here's a lot of buzz out there around IIoT, Digital Transformation, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  It seems that every conference I go to these days ...no matter what the topic...is really about these topics.  There are many new applications, software and concepts on the market.  Our clients are telling us that they have 2 or 3 companies a week wanting to pitch their stuff to them.  The state of the market is confusing and very busy with something new popping up every day.  As you might expect, Emerson is very heavily involved in these areas today but and we have a lot of technology and services to create the environment.  

What I am interested in discussing is specific to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in relation to Plant and proves reliability and performance as well as asset reliability.  I would like to know  what our clients are doing today?....how are they figuring out how to get started?... do they have a strategic vision?...have they developed use cases for the use of ML/AI?... what are their enterprises doing to help take advantage of ML/AI?, etc.

The graphic below outlines our Operational Certainty Consulting approach to getting started....called Digital Jumpstart.  Our objective is to help clients navigate the jungle and develop a strategy that provides immediate returns and benefits with a focus on making use of the scads of data that already exists and typically remains underutilized. 

 I'd be interested in hearing your comments on this approach...does it make sense?...is there something missing

Dennis Belanger

Director Business Development - Digital Transformation

Emerson Operational Certainty Consulting