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instruments as per piping class


Is it a standard requirement that the instruments are chosen based on the piping class (to work under all operating conditions of that particular class)? if yes can you please refer the standard. if not based on what they re chosen ?

welcome more details if possible.

Thank you

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  • Hello ~ Can you please provide some additional details on the instruments you speak of? This post may receive a better respose under the appropriate measurement and instrumentation group if you are able to clarify. THanks!

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    Rachelle McWright | Community Manager, Emerson Exchange 365

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  • In reply to Rachelle McWright:

    Hi Rachelle,

    Thank you for your message. For the case i am referring to, different rosemount products (pressure, temperature, and flow transmitters). In the instruments datasheet, the piping class is mentioned, which led to ask whether it is for the purpose of identifying the instruments process limits and whether it is a general engineering practice that the instruments in the pipe shall work under all the operating conditions of the mentioned piping class? An answer to the question will/should tell if the instrument will continue to operate when the operating conditions mentioned in the datasheet vary within the piping class limits, which is what am looking for exactly..

    Thank you very much..